If you are experiencing any issues with your key fob/card, please contact Jennet via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile on 07497925905.

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We are a volunteer-run Community gym, open 24 hours a day Monday to Saturday. Access is through an electronic key system.

Equipment includes: 2 treadmills, 2 upright bikes, 2 cross trainers, 1 multigym, 1 rowing machine, 8 resistance machines (chest press, shoulder press, arm curl, total abs, leg curl, leg extension and pectoral machine) and a variety of free weights.


To become a gym member you must aged 16 or over and you must complete an induction with us first.

Annual membership costs just £50 + £10 security deposit for the electronic key fob/card.

To book an induction, click the 'Classes/Events' on the left-hand side of this webpage.  You will be redirected to our online booking site.  If there are no induction slots displayed, please email Jennet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will arrange an induction for you.  There are not always induction slots displayed on our website as we rely on volunteers to give gym inductions and their availability can change week by week.  We do our best to to respond to applications and carry out inductions as quickly as possible.

At your induction you will be met by the main entrance to the building.  You will be asked to complete an application form. It would be helpful if you could download this and bring it with you already completed to save time.



Thanks to everyone who helped make the community gym at Back become a reality. Particular thanks must go to the Lewis Sport Centre for the donation of a number of machines and the Co-Op Community Fund for providing funding for additional machines and the electronic key card system.

The Co-op also funded the development of changing rooms and showers for gym users.*

We recently recieved funding from Foundattion Scotland to extend the gym allowing us to take more members.


*These facilities are temporarily out of use due to COVID-19.  [UPDATE:  We are in discussions regarding the opening of the changing rooms and showers now that most - if not all - restrictions are being lifted. Gym members will be notified with the Committee's decision.]