Island Archers - Wednesdays 7-9pm

Archery is a sport for all ages and abilities, and we would like to hear from anyone who always wanted to give it a go, but never quite got round to it, or was too shy, or whatever. Don't worry, we're very friendly, and we never take it too seriously, although we do insist that safety procedures are strictly adhered to AT ALL TIMES by everyone.

We are in the process of reviving our Junior section, but since we have to have a robust child and vulnerable adult's protection policy (a necessary evil in this day-and-age), we would ask all under 18s to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, to be legally responsible for them for all the time that they are with us. 

Although archery is a very sociable sport, it is also a truly individual sport, and no-one else is to blame if you don't hit the gold. It's a sport that promotes concentration, consistency, and discipline if you want to progress to the higher levels of the game. Some, however, aren't especially interested in refining their technique, or are indifferent to tournaments and competition, and are happy just to use archery as a way of 'tuning out' from the working week, and we're more than happy to have their company on the shooting line.

Archery is one of the few sports where people with disabilities can compete on equal terms with the more able-bodied, and it is not uncommon to see disabled archers, whether they have physical, visual, or mental impairment, shooting alongside their able-bodied friends on the same shooting line. We welcome interest from the less able-bodied, please contact us via the website, to discuss your needs

Visiting archers are also very welcome to join us, providing they can provide a current Archery GB / GNAS membership number, or other positive proof of insurance. There are numerous outdoor and indoor tournaments throughout the year, an important part of the sport for those of a more competitive nature. Nevertheless, club and recreational archery is just as important for people who find they have little time for any serious commitment, though still enjoy 'shooting arrows' with friends, family or colleagues in the familiar surroundings of their club.

The club is happy to train beginners in specially run courses using club equipment. These are 4 sessions of 1.5  hours each and will train you to be a safe and competent archer (although not to Olympic standards). After this you can join the club and shoot with us or not, there will be no pressure. See the website for details of courses and to apply, these will only run if there is a viable number of candidates.

If you have always wanted to have a taste of archery but have never got round to it, we also offer a 'come and try' session at Back on the first Wednesday of the month between 7 and 8pm for anyone aged 8 or more. Places are limited so please contact us before coming.