Keep Fit Classes - coming (very) soon.

We may not be able to have classes indoors just yet, but with the weather brightening Sharon is offering a short 3 week block of classes outside on the football pitch.

These classes will run from 26th April to 17th May, then (fingers crossed) as soon as restrictions allow us we will be moving indoors for another block of classes before the summer. Hopefully around the 17th May.

Sadly, Gordon is leaving the island and wont be able to do any more classes for us. We will all miss him and wish him well.  But never fear, we have plenty of other ways to keep you exercising.

We are accepting new members for the gym, hope to have some Boogie Bounce classes in May and Sharon will offering some extra sessions to choose from.

These first blocks of classes from Sharon will be trial runs so if you have any special requests for times, days or types of class let us know by either speaking to sharon at the class or emailing Terri This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Early Morning Cardio Fix 

This 45min class is guaranteed to make you sweat. A combination of  body weight and aerobic training, will challenge you to burn fat, build muscle and gain stamina. Set to music that will keep you motivated from start to finish. A challenging but rewarding workout, designed for all fitness levels.

27th April 3 week block £15 Tuesday 6.30-7.15am (outdoors)

18th May 6 week block £30 Tuesday 6.30-7.15am  (indoors)


Circuit based keep fit class

28th April 3 week block £15 Wednesday 6-7pm (outdoors)

19th May 6 week block £30 Wednesday 6-7pm (indoors)

20th May 6 week block £30 Thursday 9.30-10.30am (indoors)

For any questions about the classes or to  book please contact Sharon  07786033406 

All Sharon's classes can be booked online through her picktime page