small bbBoogie Bounce is a complete exercise programme performed on a mini trampoline with a Patented T-Bar Handle.  The programme consists of a highly effective H.I.I.T cardio section followed by a toning section to engage bums, tums and thighs.  Every muscle in the body is worked, even the facial muscles!
Boogie Bounce utilises High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) techniques to maximise the fat burning process and improve aerobic fitness in the cardio section, whilst using the pliable surface of the mat to perform a range of core stability, upper body, and glute and thigh exercises.  [Scroll to bottom of page to read about the major health benefits!]
You don't need to sacrifice a serious calorie burning workout to look after joints.  Boogie Bounce uses gravity to your advantage to maximise your health gains while minimising stressful impacts to your joints.
You also don't have to sacrifice a enjoyment to lead a healthier life.  People are much more likely to stick to a programme if they genuinely enjoy it.  Our instructors ensure that Boogie Bounce is a non-judgemental, friendly, social environment partnered with a fun party-like atmosphere, which is beneficial for all!
Even NASA agrees that bouncing is "the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man".  Studies by NASA scientists show that bouncing around on a mini trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging and yet requires less effort!  So if jogging isn't your thing, try Boogie Bounce!
Pelvic Floor
Rebounding is fantastic for strengthening your entire core which includes your pelvic floor, abdominals, lower-back and obliques. We always provide low-intensity alternatives in Boogie Bounce routines, so you can build up your pelvic-floor strength without worrying about accidents.
Kind to Joints and Strengthen Bones
Joint problems are often caused by a weakness in the surrounding muscles. This joint pain often restricts people from participating in exercise, which could actually be the answer to combating the joint problem itself. Bouncing on a Boogie Bounce Trampoline can help by reducing the impact and stress to joints when exercising by providing a soft gradual landing while distributing the increased G-forces equally. This means joints and muscles can be strengthened without the cost usually associated with the high impact nature of running for example.
Mental Health
Regular exercise has wonderful effects on the mind as well as the body. In the short-term, exercise increases blood-flow, loosens muscles, releases endorphins and helps clear the mind. In the long-term, exercise can help maintain your mental health, boost confidence and is even used as an effective tool to help with depression and anxiety.
To find out more about the various health benefits of Boogie Bounce, check out the the official Boogie Bounce website: